Episode 8 – Freediving with Sharks in Hawaii

Written by on April 13, 2020

Today I discuss Freediving with sharks in Hawaii and my experiences with the 3 companies I went out with.

North Shore Shark Adventures – https://youtu.be/i0voy160ffA

Hawaii Adventure Diving – https://youtu.be/IvVDdqEG3Lk

One Ocean Diving – https://youtu.be/_AEq1U09Xak

Here are Links to all the companies websites;

North Shore Shark Adventures – https://sharktourshawaii.com/

Hawaii Adventure Diving – http://hawaiiadventurediving.com/

One Ocean Diving – https://www.freedivewithsharks.com/

Here are Links to the Youtubers Mentioned

North Shore Shark Adventures

iJustine – https://youtu.be/cMGCOaJ7SJU

iJustine again – https://youtu.be/RK97IWYmHW0

Jenna Ezarik – https://youtu.be/IiSxZyi9eIs

Hawaii Adventure Diving

Roman Atwood – https://youtu.be/RGoYtdx8lWg

One Ocean Diving

DALLMYD – https://youtu.be/ZhObYiIcC5s

Lost LeBlanc – https://youtu.be/UWu8_vDnmSE

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